Recycling Centre Consultation = Have Your Say

I’ve been asked by the Parish Clerk if I would circulate the message below. Since there is a real possibility we could lose our local recycling centre, it’s hoped that as many people as possible will come along to express their views and hopefully fight to keep our local facilities.

There will be a further public consultation on the Household Recycling Centres on tTuesday 16th October at Burnham Library from 3:30pm to 6:30pm. Residents can visit at any time and speak to an officer about the consultation and proposed changes.

If you can’t get to this meeting and haven’t already done so , please do take part in the online consultation for this proposal. It runs until midnight on Monday, October 22. Access to the online survey and supporting information is available at

There seems to be a great deal of opposition to the proposal to close the centre so the Council does need to be made fully aware of the strength of local feeling.