Neighbourhood Watch Promotion

There is still a need for Neighbourhood Watch

South Bucks District Council and Chiltern District Council Community Safety are actively promoting new and revitalised Neighbourhood Watch Schemes, especially in areas which have experienced incidents of recent burglary. Neighbourhood Watch is one of the biggest and most successful crime prevention initiatives. Behind it lies a simple idea:

Getting together with your neighbours to take action can cut local crime. Everyone knows that the police are there to fight crime, but they need your help to do an effective job, Neighbourhood Watch is all about an active partnership with the police.

Neighbourhood Watch schemes can:

  • • Cut crime and the opportunities for crime
  • • Help and reassure those who live in the area, especially those who are vulnerable.
  • • Encourage neighbourliness and closer communities.

Create a better place to live, work and play.

Neighbourhood Watch is not just about reducing burglary figures – it’s about creating communities who care. It brings local people together and can make a real contribution to improving their lives. The activity of Neighbourhood Watch members can foster a new community spirit and a belief in the community’s ability to tackle problems. At the same time, you feel secure, knowing your neighbours watching out for you and your property.

What can Neighbourhood Watch schemes do?

These are the key steps to targeting and reducing crime and the fear of crime in an area.

In consultation with your local police:

  • • Get a picture of local crime
  • • Conduct a ‘fear of crime’ survey
  • • Target crimes you can have a real impact on
  • • Identify the opportunities for crime
  • • Form an action plan to tackle the problem
  • • Block or reduce opportunities for the criminal

If you are interested about getting involved in Neighbourhood Watch and live in the South Bucks or Chiltern District area then contact the Community Safety Team on 01494 586535 or email