National Bike Week 9th – 17th June 2018

National Bike Week 9th – 17th June 2018

Chiltern District Council and South Bucks District Council Community Safety Team are encouraging residents to be more conscious of how secure their bikes are and if they haven’t already, get them marked to reduce the risk of theft. Whilst some bicycles are returned to their owners, most are never seen again because they have no markings on them, or no recorded details such as frame serial numbers and size, make, model, colour or a picture.

Bike marking is a simple solution to this problem and means that the police are more likely to identify the bike and return it to the owner: a simple sticker with your postcode on, stuck to the inside of your bike frame, will inform the police of ownership.

To support National Bike Week 2018 Chiltern and South Bucks Community Safety Team will be providing bicycle security marking labels to local residents. Please contact with ‘bike label’ in the subject line or call us on 01494 586535 to request a bike marking label.

Keep an eye out on Twitter and our website for upcoming bike marking events.

As well as marking your bike there are other ways of preventing and reducing the risk of bike theft:

• Keep your bike in a locked garage or shed, as more than half of bike thefts take place on the victims’ properties.
• Always lock your bike when you are leaving it, use a strong lock and secure it to a bike rack where possible; as thieves can lift bikes over signposts especially if the lock is loose.
• There are other ways to identify your bike, such as recording and registering it on or investing in an electronic tagging system.

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