Accessible Burnham Day – Saturday May 12th

The Burnham Action Group (which is part of the Burnham Health Promotion Trust) are organising an Accessible Burnham Day event to encourage businesses and the general public to understand the needs of the disabled community.

In Burnham, we call the group Accessibility rather than a reference to disability, as it then includes everyone – mums with prams, a person not too stable on their feet, vulnerable adults who may not have a clear physical disability that one can see and others in a similar capacity.

The Burnham¬†event has been organised on Saturday May 12th 10am –¬† 2pm.

It will be based in Haarts, chosen for its central position of the High Street.

We are borrowing wheelchairs and one of the activities is to get a pair – a sitter and a pusher – to walk to a specific shop, collect something and return to Haarts.

There will be other items in Haarts during the event, items that restrict sight or sound or physical movement and members of the public visiting will be encouraged to wear these items and try and appreciate the restrictions imposed.